About construction works in Khorezm region in 2015
In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan On Measures for the Implementation of the Master Plan for the City of Urgench, Cardinal Improvement and Water Supply in Khorezm Region dated 6 December 2012, in 2013-2020 it is planned to allocate 1,579 billion sums for works to implement Urgench Master Plan, as well as for improvement and water supply in Khorezm Region.

The projects included in the Programme with a total value of 1,121.4 billion sums have been implemented so far.

In particular, as of 01 October 2015 80% of construction works with a total cost of 340.0 billion sums were completed.

In terms of facilities at the international airport in Urgench construction and erection works in the city and two halls (for arrival and departure) designed for 300 seats were conducted.

In 2013-2014 construction and erection works in the building of Tashkent University of Information Technologies branch in Urgench were conducted. The building is equipped with modern equipment. In addition, a new dormitory was built for students.

The Olympic Reserve College built a dormitory for 160 places, 2 gymnasiums and a dining room for 300 places. Training buildings, the existing canteen and 2 hostels designed for 250 places, as well as the facade of the laboratory and diagnosis room, main heating pipes were capitally repaired.

Urgench State University reconstructed the cafeteria building for 506 seats; 4 dormitory buildings for 1,058 places as well as Urgench Medical Vocational College for 200 students had major repairs.

55 billion sums were allocated for construction of Manege complex, 2 gymnasiums and swimming pool in Yoshlik sports complex.

At the expense of 9.7 billion sums the Vocational College of Tourism and Hospitality was built and commissioned.

In addition, under the approved project 101 two-storey houses were built.

In Djaykhun hotel the works to reconstruct and turn the complex into the Medical Academy are underway.

Information service of Khorezm region municipality