Analysis: Tourism potential of Khorezm
In accordance with the Programme for the development of the tourism sector in Khorezm region in 2013-2015 it is planned to implement 200 projects. As of 01 October 2015, 100 projects have been fully implemented and 52 projects are underway.

These works are carried out in 5 fields: the development of tourism infrastructure; establishment at all facilities of cultural and archaeological heritage in the region of information requirements and indicators based on a single approved model; the acquisition of tourist vehicles; creation on the base of former bus stop of the route Khiva-Urgench, transport fleet and maintenance station; creating in the city of Khiva in Mustakillik Street of customised parking capable to service 15 light vehicles at the same time.

In order to improve tour itineraries and services of the region 45 projects should be implemented, out of which 29 projects have already been implemented and 8 projects are underway.

So, now are taken steps to improve and complete the construction of the tourist complex based on the fortress Hazorasp Kala in Khazarasp district; the creation of pedestrian roads around the fortress of Kamkala; improvement of public drainage systems; the organisation of shops and canteens; a modern 3D cinema at the base of theater named after Kh. Devanov; construction of the amphitheatre for 500 seats with the removal of 20 buildings at the gate Ota Darvoza; installation of systems of laser show at the recreational facilities of the region, in particular, the creation of background Itchan Kala in the amphitheater, decorative lighting and illumination systems at all facilities of cultural heritage; construction of a modern Bowling Center in Khiva district.

31 projects are foreseen to be implemented to improve the infrastructure of additional facilities. 18 of them have already been implemented and 6 are underway.

12 projects have been implemented in training, retraining and improvement of professional skill of experts of tourist sphere and the remaining two projects are underway. The restoration and enhancement of the historical and cultural heritage facilities have been carried out in the form of repairs and reconstruction at 17 facilities.

Municipality Information Service Khorezm region