Khorezm exporting cotton fiber to Russia and China
A striking example is the activity of Great Cotton Export LLC in Bagat District. The modern recently launched company employs 200 people. All produced products are exported. Thanks to a new weaving loom imported from China, the productivity, as well as work conditions, have been improved that creates an opportunity to produce high-quality products meeting international standards.

“1,060 tons of cotton fiber has been processed since January in 2015,” the Head of company Kh. Sattorov says. “In addition, we export products to Russia and China.”

When talking about the high demand for our products, we take into account all the requirements and wishes of our customers,” a company’s filing clerk points out. “The enterprise has organized a three-shift working schedule. It is encouraging to note the fact that many employees are graduates of vocational colleges.

S. Ruzmetova