Information about new entrepreneurship entities in Khorezm
Under the Programme for the socio-economic development of Khorezm region in 2013-2015 Ideal Carpet company has been established in Gulobod village which produces high-quality and modern carpets.

At Maftuna-Ozodbek company commissioned in Tagan village milk of local farmers is processed for the further production of 5 various dairy products. Malika Plast Company located in Karmish village specialises in construction materials production. Along with this there is a growing consumer demand for building products of Ruslan-Fayz Company again running in Yangiarik town. And in the village of Kuriktom a new meat processing company has started operating.

In addition, the district opened Brigadir-Avto new venture aimed at improving transport services to the locals.

Municipality Information Service Khorezm region