"Sarik Golubi" melons exported to Korea
Khorezm Kovunlari LLC annually cultivates several varieties of melons on 50 ha in Begovot village of Urghench District. It is worth mentioning the benefit received from export of frozen melon variety Sarik Golubi to South Korea. Last year the export volume of melon in this country amounted to US$162,000. This year a relevant export contract has been signed.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy of the region, where the priorities are the cultivation of agricultural products, cotton processing and food processing. At the same time, as a result of measures implemented to modernize the sector of the economy in the region over the past few years also in Khorezm sectors of industry, tourism and services have been dynamically developed. The following figures reflect the tendencies development in this direction.

Just for the record: in 2008-2014 the gross regional product has increased by 1.8 times. As a result of the increase in the share of the industrial and construction sectors in its composition proportionate manner reduced the share of the agricultural sector. So, if in 2008 the share of the industrial sector in the gross regional product amounted to 6.6%, in 2014 this figure reached 11.9%. During this period, the share of the construction sector rose from 5.1% to 10.9%. While the share of agricultural network fell from 42.8% to 31.7%, however, it is still the backbone of the economy of the region.

In January-September of 2015 the proportion of agriculture in the gross regional product amounted to 28.1%.

Khorezm Region Municipality Information Service