Palace of Alla Kuli Khan, named Tash Hawley ("The Stone Yard")
During the reign of Alla Kuli Khan (1825-1842) the centre of the state, public and commercial life of Khiva moved to the eastern part of Ichan-Qala. Here near the Palvan-Darwaza gates a new set of buildings connected with the name of Alla Kuli Khan was built: new Khan's palace, madrassah, a caravanserai and a dome shopping centre.

Palace of Alla Kuli Khan, named Tash Hawley ("The Stone Yard"), resembles a fortress with high walls topped with battlements, towers and fortified gates. Its architecture used traditions of Khorezm houses and country estates ("Hawley") with their closed courtyards, shady columned iwans and balconies.

The Tash-Hawley palace is divided into three parts, grouped around courtyards. In the northern part of the palace there is a Khan's residential apartment complex or the harem. On the south-east adjoin the front door area for Khan's reception Ishrat-Hawley adjoins it - and on the south-west - the place of litigation (arzhana). The connection of different parts of the palace is carried out through the maze of unlit corridors and rooms. Distinctive features of decor of Tash-Hawley are the exquisite majolica cladding, coloured decorative ceiling paintings, sophisticated decorative carved columns and door trim.

Family Khan yard Tash Hawley (harem or haram) is separated from the official part of the palace via continuous corridor. Its walls, ceilings, columns are covered with recurring ornamental patterns. Majolica panel walls have the traditional blue-white-blue colour, ceilings are coloured in red and brown colours. The windows are closed with copper openwork lattices.

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