Kunya-Ark ("Old Fortress")
Kunya-Ark ("Old Fortress") - Khan's inner citadel Ichan-Qala. It was founded in the XVII century by the Khiva Khan Mohamed Erenk (1687-1688). By the end of the XVIII century Kunya Ark was already a "city within a city", separated from Ichan Kala by a high wall. There were Khan's mosque, the residence of Khan, the Supreme Court, Khan's reception of kurinyshhana, powder factory, arsenal, mint, stationery, harem, kitchens, stables, guardhouse and others here.

South side of kurinyshhana takes the throne room with a two-column iwan. In the centre of this room, a yurt was installed, in which Khan sat during receptions. In the southern wall of the throne room there is a niche for the Khan's throne. In the western part of kurinyshhana, there were Khan's treasury and repository of manuscripts. Doors leading to the throne room are decorated with carved ganch and ceiling is painted multi-coloured. Blue-white-light blue majolica tiles with a magnificent ornament coated the famous iwan of kurinyshhana. On the stone base of one of its columns the poems of Khorezm historian and poet Ogahi are carved.

In the northwest corner of the kurinyshhana, the exit through the corridor is made leading to the harem and the hill of Ak-Sheikh-bobo. This is the highest point of Kunya-Ark, which was used as a patrol tower of the citadel.

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