Madrassah Hurdzhun and Alla Kuli Khan
Construction of madrassah Hodzhamberdy-biy at the eastern gate of Ichan Kala dates back to 1688. During the construction of madrassah of Alla Kuli Khan this madrassah was radically rebuilt. Due to the strong difference of levels it became like the base for the monumental platform madrassah of Alla Kuli Khan.

Ramp rise cut the madrassah of Hodzhamberdy-biy in half. Hence his new name - madrassah Hurdzhun ("saddlebag"). Because of the narrowness of the site, the construction of madrassah of Allah Kuli Khan required the destruction of the city walls. Southern wing of the new madrassah is bearing down on a number of northern trade stalls of Palvan-Darwaza, the northern wing sided with vaults of tim Alla Kuli Khan.

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