Memorial of Pahlavan Mahmud
The main cult centre of Ichan-Kala is Memorial of Pakhlavan Mahmud has emerged at the tomb of the patron saint of Khiva, poet and philosopher, professional wrestler and master fellmonger Pakhlavan Mahmud (1247-1326). He was revered not only in Khiva, but also in Iran, India, as a patron of fighters and poets, a healer of diseases. According to legend, the poet was buried in his workshop.

In XIV-XVII centuries a city cemetery appeared around his burial. Shirgazi Khan, pitching his madrassah in the beginning of the XVIII century, purposefully oriented it to the burial of Pakhlavan Mahmud.

Early mausoleum of Pakhlavan Mahmud was rebuilt in 1810 by Muhammad Rahim Khan I (1806-1825). New mausoleum included the old tomb and khanaka with high double dome, the silhouette of which has become one of the main symbols of Khiva. In front of the mausoleum a memorial courtyard was constructed and the gates of the old cemetery became the entrance portal of the memorial of Pakhlavan Mahmud.

At the beginning of XX century by commission from Asfendiyar Khan (1910-1920) two-storey korihona was built on the western side of the courtyard and on the east side - the summer iwan mosque. The majolica cover of the memorial included many cartouches with religious sayings, poems of Pakhlavan-Mahmud and the names of artists.

Muhammad Rahim Khan I reconstructed mausoleum of Pakhlavan Mahmud so that at the "feet" of the Kiva's saint the necropolis of Khiva's ruling dynasty arose. Burial of Pakhlavan Mahmud is behind the low fence in the west wing and the central axis of the mausoleum in the five-sided niche the burial of Muhammad Rahim Khan I was arranged. Later, in 1825, the east wing was attached, where Alla Kuli Khan (1825-1842) was buried. Tombstones of these three burials differ by special majolica cladding.

The marble headstone of Abulgazi Khan (1603-1664), and the tombstone, presumably referring to Anush Khan, with the date of death in 1681 was transferred into the building of the mausoleum. In the portal pylon marble slab with an epitaph of courtier Ilbaro Khan II (1728-1740) was mounted. Another Khan of Khiva Asfendiyar had prepared for himself a large family tomb in korihona of the memorial of Pahlavan Mahmud while alive. Within dakhma of Asfendiyar Khan his mother Qutlugh bika Khanum was buried.

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