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History of Khorezm

Ibn Wahhas about Mahmud Al-Zamakhshari


"Jar Allah - patronized by Allah", "Ustaz al-Dunya - the teacher of the world", "Fakhr Havarazm - the pride of Khorezm", "Ustaz al -arab wa al-Ajam – Arabs’ and non-Arabs’ teacher", "imam", " al-Kaabatu udaba – the Kaaba of writers"- via these words the great scientist Mahmoud al-Zamakhshari was treated with great respect and reverence who became famous in ...

History of Khorezm

Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad Beruni


Abu Rayhan Beruni was born on September 4, 973 in the suburbs of the town of Kyat, the ancient capital of Khorezm. He was brought up in the family of a famous scholar, prominent mathematician and astronomer Abu Nasr ibn Irak, which belonged to the dynasty of Khorezm-shah – Afrigides. Living at court Beruni could get good education which ...

Old life & Culture

Postcards from Uzbekistan: the tradition of Khiva puppets


This week in Postcards a visit to the east of Uzbekistan and the ancient city of Khiva. As well as having stunning monuments, the city is rich in culture and traditions, including puppetry.

History of Khorezm

City on the Sand


Architectural monuments are the silent witnesses of social, spiritual and cultural life of the bygone ages, the manifestation of the national asset. A “dialogue” with the art of the past, cognition and correct understanding of its value is one of the important issues for researchers who look into the heritage of olden days.

Old life & Culture

Spiritual Universe of Atahan Allabergenov


A specific signature in the art of Atahan Allabergenov, Khorezmian painter, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, is the presentation of the history of ancient architectural structures, small streets, houses, antique items, and quiet corners of nature in painting. Working as a theatre artist, he created wonderful watercolours, paintings and drawings, always remaining true to the art. ...

Old life & Culture

Ata Palvanov, Master Wood-Carver from Khiva


The end of the 19th and early 20th century was the golden age of monumental art in Khiva, the centre of applied arts in Uzbekistan, known worldwide for its unsurpassed monumental wood-carving. A whole galaxy of traditional master craftsmen had been trained, who contributed greatly to the development of classical art, rich in traditions. Among them are renowned masters ...


Khorezm Art Restaurant


Restaurant "Khorezm" was opened in 2008. It is housed in one of the abandoned buildings of Madrassah - Allakulihana in Khiva, near Tash-Hawley Palace.