History of Khorezm

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"Jar Allah - patronized by Allah", "Ustaz al-Dunya - the teacher of the world", "Fakhr Havarazm - the pride of Khorezm", "Ustaz al -arab wa al-Ajam – Arabs’ and non-Arabs’ teacher", "imam", " al-Kaabatu udaba – the Kaaba of writers"- via these words the great scientist Mahmoud al-Zamakhshari was treated with great respect and reverence who became famous in theology, philosophy, philology, the interpretation of the Koran in the Muslim world. His full name is Abu al-Qasim Mahmud ibn Umar ibn Muhammad al-Khwarizmi Al-Zamakhshari (1075-1144). At the end of his name “Al-Zamakhshari” is fr om his birthplace - the village Zamakhshar of Khorezm oasis. Being in high-revered Mecca he wrote about this in the letter to his Alexandrian student Shihabuddin Ahmad ibn al-Husayn al-Maliki.

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Abu Rayhan Beruni was born on September 4, 973 in the suburbs of the town of Kyat, the ancient capital of Khorezm. He was brought up in the family of a famous scholar, prominent mathematician and astronomer Abu Nasr ibn Irak, which belonged to the dynasty of Khorezm-shah – Afrigides. Living at court Beruni could get good education which enabled him to start making research.

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Architectural monuments are the silent witnesses of social, spiritual and cultural life of the bygone ages, the manifestation of the national asset. A “dialogue” with the art of the past, cognition and correct understanding of its value is one of the important issues for researchers who look into the heritage of olden days.

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Muniz was born in the village Ciat, located in 8 km from the town of Khiva, in a family of mirabs. Has got education in one of Khiva madrassa. Mentors Munis were known poets of that time, in particular, Syed Muzaffar Hoxha, who wore a poetic alias Cirami.

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Agakhi came from a noble family , whose members often held the rank of Mirabeau. Mukhammadrizo , orphaned early, brought up by his uncle, the famous poet and historian Shirmuhammadom Muniz . Studied in one of Khiva madrasah . A large role in shaping the world and the choice of creative ways Agakhi played Muniz and his entourage .

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Zainaddin Abu-l-Fazail Ismail ibn Khurain al-Jurjani al-Khorezmi was born in 1042 in Jurjani (Gurgan, the town on the coast of the Caspian Sea) later he moved to Khoresm, where he lived and worked for a long time.

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Abu- al-Kasim Mahmud ibn Umar Zamahshari was born on March 18, 1075 in a rural area Zamahshar in a profoundly educated family. He got his first education from his father who made a great contribution to upbringing his son who had become a cripple when he was a teenager.

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There is no accurate data on the date of birth of Mahmud al-Chagmini, though it is known that he was born in Chagmin, close to the capital of Khorezm-shahs (governors of Khorezm) – the city of Gurganj. In literature the date of his death is mentioned as 1221. He got primary education in Khorezm and later moved to Samarkand intending to sharpen his knowledge, where he was able to learn sciences at the highest level.

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The birthday of Abu Abdallah al-Khorezmi is not determined yet. He spent his youth in the cities of Khorezm: in Khiva, Zamahshar and Kat, where he was born, lived, studied and also succeeded in many fields of knowledge.

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Abu-l-Hakim Muhammad ibn Abd al-Malik as-Sahli al-Khorazmi al-Kasi is a scientist and chemist of the XI century. The information about his biography and scientific activities are not much in literatures. Nisba of the author – Al Khorezmi al Kasi shows that he was born in Kasa, in the area near Khorezm. Al Kasi lived in Iraq for a long time and possibly stayed there up to end of his death.