Walls & Gates

16371 марта ўқилди

Kunya-Ark ("Old Fortress") - Khan's inner citadel Ichan-Qala. It was founded in the XVII century by the Khiva Khan Mohamed Erenk (1687-1688). By the end of the XVIII century Kunya Ark was already a "city within a city", separated from Ichan Kala by a high wall. There were Khan's mosque, the residence of Khan, the Supreme Court, Khan's reception of kurinyshhana, powder factory, arsenal, mint, stationery, harem, kitchens, stables, guardhouse and others here.

22233 марта ўқилди

Grandiose ancient architectural ensemble Mizdakhan (IV century B.C. - XIV century A.C., XVII - XX centuries) is situated on hills, located along huge main tracks, leading towards Ustyurt plateau and Muynak, in 3-4 km to the South from Khojeyli town (“Khojeyli” is translated as “a land of pilgrims”), not far from Nukus in Karakalpakstan and occupies a large territory in 200 hectares.

18036 марта ўқилди

Archeological excavations made at the territory of Khorezm in 1938, which is 27 km. off Beruni town (Uzbekistan), resulted in discovery of an ancient settlement of Kyrk-Qyz-Qala (dated back 1 to 6th c.c. A.D.) Archeologists decided that was the fortress that played a role as part of fortification system to protect border of the north-eastern part of ancient Khorezm.

18112 марта ўқилди

Ayaz-kala settlement (IV century B.C.) in Uzbekistan now represents a unique historical monument of Zoroastrism (Mazdaism, Zoroastrianism) times. Ayaz-kala fortress is located in Ellikkalinskiy region of Karakalpakstan, in 20 kilometers to the North-East from ancient capital of Khorezm - Toprak-kala settlement, to the West from Kyrk-kyz-kala fortress, amidst the moving sends of Kyzyl-Kum (Kyzylkum desert) and Sultan Uvays mountain ridges.