Juma Mosque
Juma Mosque is located in the centre of Ichan-Kala, built by khan dignitary Abdurahman Mihtar on place consecrated by tradition: the Arab geographer Maqdisi (al-Muqaddasi) mentions Khiva mosque here. The building reproduces a rare Central Asian type of archaic multicolumn mosque.

Modern building Juma mosque was built in the XVIII century. The special atmosphere creates a faint illumination through the ceiling hatch and three rows of carved wooden columns, the number of which reached 212. Most of the columns are carved from tree trunks in the XVIII-XIX centuries. Others were collected from the destroyed medieval buildings.

The most ancient of these columns could be taken from the medieval capital of Khorezm - Kyat city, which has disappeared in waters of Amu Darya. Twenty one columns of Juma mosque belong to the X-XII centuries. Among them four columns of X-XI centuries are particularly valuable. They were installed, as evidenced by carved Kufic inscriptions on them, on the orders of the faqih Abul Fadl al-Muhammad Lyaysi.

The type of the other four columns corresponds to the type of columns with inscriptions of the mosque Bagbanly with "nashi" handwriting. The later columns of the XVIII-XIX centuries are well recognized on floral pattern of Khiva type. Overall level of the columns is provided by stone pillows and bases of different heights. The mihrab niche of Juma mosque is blocked by stucco half dome, on either side painted with iris flowers and rose hips.

On the marble slab to the right of the mihrab, waqfname text is carved, that is a grant of permanent possession and income of the mosque. At the southern entrance door there is a date - 1203 of Hijra, meaning 1788. Entrance gate of Juma, inserted into the main doorway next to the minaret, is rightly considered one of the masterpieces of woodcarving in Khorezm.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the five minarets of Khiva are aligned at a distance of about 200 m from each other. In the centre, there is the minaret of the main mosque of Ichan Kala - the Juma mosque. To the west of it - Kalta Minor and further the minaret of the complex Sha Kalandar Bobo. To the east there is the minaret of the mosque of Sayyid-biy, and then - the minaret Palvan-kari. The diameter of the minaret of Juma mosque at the base is 6,2 m, the height is 32.5 meters. Its top is crowned by a lantern with eight-arch stalactite cornice and dome.

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