Kalta Minor
At the main facade of the madrassah of Muhammad Amin Khan there is a powerful, low minaret. He was destined to become the largest minaret in Middle Asia, if it had been completed: with a base diameter of 14.2 m the height should have reached 70 meters.

Building minarets and madrassah of Muhammad Amin Khan wanted to finalize the formation of a large urban area at the western gates of Ichan-Kala. However, the construction of Kalta Minor, according to historian Munis, was interrupted by the death of Muhammad Amin Khan in 1855. The upper area of the minaret was raised only to the height of 26 m.

On its external decoration the bright blue minaret Kalta Minor is unique in Central Asia. This is the only minaret, whose surface is completely covered with coloured glazed tiles.

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