History of Khorezm

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Archaeologists discovered an inscription which may explain the content of the wall painting found during excavations of the temple of the ancient city-Cazaclia yatkan.

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Unlike many cities of Central Asia, the historical past of Khiva and Bukhara was unknown until quite recently. This was due first of all to the lack of information about the history of Khiva up to the fifteenth century and, secondly, to the small amount of archaeological research, which was only started during the 1950s.

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At the beginning of our era, the powerful Kushan Empire appeared on the historical stage. Although this empire ruled a significant part of the southern Central Asia, Khorezm remained an independent kingdom. The cities and towns of Khorezm during the Kushan period were fortified settlements made with squared blocks and featured a citadel for the city ruler.

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Khiva, one of the most noteworthy of the cities and towns of Central Asia, is situated on the left bank of the Amu Darya in the southern part of the modern region of Khorezm in Uzbekistan. It is a unique monument town, completely preserved in the cultural style of the region. In 1967 it was proclaimed a town-reserve and since 1990 one part of Khiva — the Ichan-kala — was recognized by UNESCO as an historical monument of world significance.

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Khiva is an ancient city on the lower reaches of the Amu-Darya. In the fourteenth century it became prominent among the towns of Khorezm, and in the eighteenth century it was the capital of the Khiva Khanate. Only at the beginning of the nineteenth century was Khiva developed into a prominent cultural center. One after another, a number of monumental buildings were erected. They filled the older part of the city - the shakhristan Ichan-kaleh - and many of them were built by the Eastern gates of Palvan-Darvaz and along the street which runs towards the western gates.

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“Ancient Khorezm is the Egypt of Central Asia ”-The archeologists searching the ancient traces of human civilization achieved great successes through exploring the ancient land of Khorzem. They testified again that the culture, art and history of Khorezm are entwined with the development of Central Asia." S.P.Tolstov